About Us


Nathan opened a print shop focusing on vehicles right out of high school and never looked back. Andrea was roped into the venture right away and quickly found out what his passion was all about. Both Montrose natives, they love helping other businesses advertise and watching how fast they grow. Fifteen years later, Andrea still asks herself if Nathan will ever quit buying printers and other shop toys he “needs.”

Josh Hannenberg

Production Superstar

With over five years of experience in all things large format, Josh is the go-to person for getting things done. Did you notice the precisely positioned grommets and perfectly welded hems on your last job? Yep, Josh probably did those. Chances are he will be late at least once a week thanks to his late-night hockey league and nighttime habit of perfecting his beautiful sketches. Ask to see some of his hand-drawn art — it’ll blow you away!

Emilio Lucero

design wizard

No, that isn’t a DND reference; Emilio truly is a design wizard. He’s perfected the art of creating a readable, attractive designs to display on your next project. His attention to detail and eye for great design feel like sorcery. That’s probably why he finds all the rad scores from any flea market he visits and is one of the few humans whom resident shop cat Ross tolerates. Please don’t tempt him with a mosh pit during business hours.

Josiah Gaunt

Vinyl Wrap Specialist

With a love for all petrol-related things, it’s a natural fit that Josiah is a great installer. If there’s something adhered to your vehicle, Jo almost certainly had a part in it. With a love for super loud audio, it’s no surprise he can’t sneak up on anyone. Any day he and Nathan are on a project together, you can guarantee the most heard word on the floor will be “huh?”