HIGH-QUALITY vehicle wraps

If you can drive it, we can wrap it. Blackout Graphics is the highest-qualified vehicle wrap service on the Western Slope. Not only can we handle wraps of all sizes, we also facilitate wraps on harder-to-wrap vehicles, such as oversized semis (we have a huge climate-controlled bay), boats, and other unique vehicles.

  • Cars
  • Food Trucks
  • Fleets
  • Box Trucks & Vans
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Trailers
  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Semi-Trucks


We are the only Avery Certified installer on the Western Slope, which means we install vehicle wraps to the highest standard of excellence. It also means we are a trusted installer for companies all over the country.

Here’s what thAT means:

  • Demonstration of operating longevity
  • Extensive onsite inspections to ensure adherence to Avery’s installation guidelines
  • Successful completion of installation proficiency tests
  • Continued adherence to Avery’s Code of Conduct

commercial vehicle wraps • full and partial

PERSONAL vehicle wraps • full and partial

vehicle lettering and decals

need your whole fleet wrapped? We’ll come to you

Anywhere in the US!